High Sleeper Beds

Safety Notice
Published 27 July 2020

We have identified a potential safety concern regarding some ladders previously supplied with our high sleeper beds.

The issue relates to ladders where the sides extend above the height of the bed structure. It is possible that clothing could become caught around top sections of these ladders should a child attempt to descend ‘the wrong way round’ (i.e. whilst facing away from the bed) which could lead to possible injury.

We are attempting to contact all customers who have purchased a high sleeper bed from us with one of these ladders as a matter of urgency so we can arrange for the ladder to be modified free of charge.

If you have a ladder similar to the images below, purchased either directly from us or elsewhere second hand, please contact us so we can arrange for your ladder to be modified free of charge.

Should you have any concerns regarding this safety notice, please call us on 019­59 533­676.

Chartley high sleeper cabin beds (sometimes called mid sleepers) are lovingly hand crafted in Kent by our own talented team of midsleeper makers and artists. Each high sleeper cabin bed is bespoke and personalised to order. The most popular bespoke high sleeper cabin bed size (3ft) takes a standard 3ft mattress, although we often make high sleeper cabin beds bespoke - we also have our very own range of Chartley mattresses! We offer three unique high sleeper cabin bed styles: ‘Plain & Simple’ (straight with rounded corners), ‘Fancy’ (wiggly shaped features) and 'Contempo' (modern with carved lines). All Chartley high sleeper cabin beds for girls and boys come with a bed guard and pull-out desk as standard, unless of course you prefer another huge wardrobe instead. High sleeper cabin beds can be one of seven base colours and a hand painted edging colour can be added. Our high sleeper cabin bed artists can paint any artwork and/or names onto the sides or end panels, making your new high sleeper cabin bed truly unique! Chartley high sleeper cabin beds are very strong and all Chartley beds are built to last forever!

Personalised High Sleeper Beds by Chartley

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